Tuesday, April 19, 2011

so tension

i change my template today , all gone the code and etc. i hate it......

Saturday, August 22, 2009

it has been so long before i start blogging agai

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

stud tail

As i promise before, here is some info related on stud tail. Stud tail happen commonly to non-neuter male cat. I knew this from my second vet. At first, i taught my cat has flea or infection however, my cat never been out. my first vet has difficulties to identified the problem then i went for a second opinion. she gave a reasonable explanation to me.

Characteristic of stud tail:

* it is start from top part of tail until at the end.
* black colour
* it seam like it stuck to the skin
* always occur for mature non-neuter cat

How it is happen.

* mature male cat that want to mating produce oil. the oil deposit on top of the skin.



or if you don't want to neuter your cat, you can try these preventions

* make sure your male cat mate at least three cat in a year.
* or put baby powder to make sure it can absorb the oil.
* regularly shampoo the tail

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My cat sit

you want to see my cat is the video

have fun

Monday, December 15, 2008

10 ways to get your cat's love


It is so difficult to get the cat attention however, some of us were lucky to have cats that want to be pampered.If not you can follow this few suggestion that I read from book.

1) TOY

Buy toy to make sure your cat attached to you. This method applied especially to cats that do not want you to touch him. You can put string at the end of the toy and try to shorten the string days by days until your cat comfortable with the distance.


You can offer treat for cats when they spend 30 seconds at your lap. Continuously trained the cat and give treat by extending the time (i.e : 40 seconds, 45 seconds until he/she sits still on your lap without having to be reinforce.


Handle gently and cuddle your cat whenever he/she let you to do.


Do not fast move or make loud sound that make she/he run away.


Let your cat come to you when he/she ready


talk gently in every activities with your cat. Make sure you be around when he/she eat his/her food.


Apply only for cats that like massage.


Ignore she/he. They will come to you when they become bored and lonely. (like my cat, he always want to go main hall, but i always spend my time at bedroom. After a few hours, when he feel bored he come to my bedroom and lay down at my feet)


Spend time as much as you can. Do some reading and talking so he/she do not feel threaten.


Do not scold and hit your cats.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Train Your Cat to Use Litter Box


i want to share my experience of training a cat to use a litter box.
It is not difficult to train if you follow these simple steps:

1) first, put the cat waste in the litter box.
2) make the cat smell their waste. This is to make sure; he or she know that they have to get rid their waste in the litter box.

It is very simple to do especially for kitten however, it took a lots of patience to train older cat. In this case, you need to make sure each time they want to do their" business", they have to do in the litter box. You have to keep an eye.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

cat language

Ever wonder what your cat trying to say.....
We can know from cat's meow. the meow will be different depend on the need and situation of your cat.

here, a guideline....

sweet -sounding little mew = to great their owner or acknowledge the sound of thier name

Bigger meows = may be complaint or demand
loud throaty howl / piercing yowl = distress (etc : stuck in tree)
hissing or growling = fear and warning indicators

don't forget treat your cat as a family...than you will be happy

Have fun....